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USS Saipan (LHA-2)

The USS Saipan at sea.

CT''s aboard the USS Saipan.

Left to right: CTO3 Billy Brown, CTA1 Don Dattalo, CTO1 Scott Maddow, CTOC Chuck Dean,

CTO3 Dennis Santos, CTM1 Kevin O'brien, CTO3 Vmar Salaam (in back), CTO3 Eddie Hess (in front), CTOSN Perkins, CTO3 Lazarn Wilcox.

The top of the rotor on this helocopter is about 3-4 feet in diameter. The crew painted this large disk like the bottom of a Copenhagen can. It was a real work of art and easily seen from the upper decks of the ship. Unfortunately there is not a photo available.

USS Saipan OZ Division.

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Above: Liberty in Croatia. A very nice meal of ham, cheese and veggies.

The Flight Line in Action

Harry Houdini had nothing on the U.S. MARINES!

Onboard the USS Saipan, SGT Clarissa Sweet, USMC, demonstrates the art of escape from military grade Duct Tape. (Trust us Harry, you had an easier time with the straight jacket and chains).

The USS Saipan sees sunrise in La Spezia Italy.

Wasting no part of the day, the CT's are hitting the beach. The foreground wake is from the liberty boat which is the vantage point for this photo.

For more information about this ship visit: Navy Vessel Register for USS Saipan (LHA-2) (Opens in a new window.)

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